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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  May 30, 2016 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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a climber over a deep crevice faces death in face. why getting to the other side takes ice water in the veins. a memorial day tribute to our fallen service members. >> i want the arch to be so clean and bright. >> the story of one man's mission which he does nor thing. >> other than the fact this human being died for me, he done know me. police corner suspect in a jam packed car. >> what's in there >> why it's probably not what you're thinking. and one cute start. why she's ready even if dad and the hula-hoop aren't. >> you can hear him in the background. alpine climbing is
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extraordinarily dangerous. we can all imagine the reasons why. the cold, the snow. but you may not think of things like this immediately. >> a crevice. >> that's a crevice. look at the size of this thing. the camera is on the head of ryan walker as he precariously step by step walks across the rungs of this ladder. he has metal spikes on the boot. not a whole lot of grip. >> you want to see how it's probably too small of a ladder that's bound together with climbing rope. >> or an extension ladder. >> you're already relying on that and then realize it's sitting on ice or snow that can easily give way. >> even though it looks like it can swallow a truck he said this definitely is not the longest crevice crossing.
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definitely not the widest or deepest. he said he's crossed this crevice many times and can assure us there are other crevices that are at least twice as large. >> wow. >> who wants to be the first to cross, though? because nobody is there to catch you and spot you and say you got it. you're on your own. >> yes! that is casey doyle. he's 2 years old and he says they are going to bash. >> he's in pain. he's been causing a lot of trouble. >> as you'll see, that's a 3-d replica of the life threatening tumor that was found in casey's neck. it's a rare carcinoma. now he gets to smash a replica of it. >> what a great idea to great a
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3-d model of that. what a neat way to use the technology. >> do, at university of michigan health system came up with the idea to make a 3-d replica. all the kids in his class encouraged him and they wanted to bash boris. they paintsed it. they put tapioca and rice krispies in it. that's what oozed out. the doctors said that was the first time they saw a big smile on his face and that encouraged him so much that a donor has decided to donate enough money so they can make 150 replicas for other children to smash like that. >> they wanted to say that they are not letting this tumor take him over. >> it was a teachable moment. so clever of them to do it. get everybody emotionally involved but everybody scientifically understanding what's happening. >> he's batting it with a team
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behind him. the tumor was removed back in march in a 10 our surgery. they had to remove it from his voice box. he still has to undergo a few more round of chemo and radiation but his battle is halfway won. in brazil where this suspect took police on a high-speed chase. we pick the video up where the guy is heading on to the highway. here he cuts in front of a car. here comes the police. they smash through the fence. they don't have time to that. >> i'm enjoying this, by the way. >> here you see the suspect bobbing and weaving in and out of traffic and he has quite a few close calls. >> wow. >> he's a race car driver like a pro. >> right around the shoulder and comes back in and hits that car but squeezes through and keeps it moving. >> that's a drag if you get
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caught up in the mayhem. >> the mayhem continues because they come off the freeway and smashes in to that car. he stepped out of the car because he's cornered. guns are drawn and they close in on him. >> what's in there? >> pop the trunk and there's several green bags in that car. >> i was so curious to know what was in those bags. >> they wrestle him to the ground. we get a close up. >> a whole bunch of motorcycle parts. >> motorcycle parts. i wonder if they were stolen motorcycles that have been broken down sell for parts. that's a heartbreaker. >> we see that at that lot in brazil. bikes getting taken off the street at gunpoint. >> he'll probably go away for a long time. >> the irony here is if he was on one of those motorcycles he would have had a better chance much guesting away from cops. this fellow behind the camera has built a special level in mario. you can see her playing, having
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a good old time. >> i wish somebody would build one for me. >> she's making the jumps and clearances until this part. >> it spells out your name, i think. >> it spells out my name? >> there's more. >> what does it say? >> oh. >> will you play with me? >> close. >> keep going. you have to finish the game. >> yes. of course. >> yeah! >> that's what we like to hear. that's pretty sweet. an old school game. >> let's go all the way up to the newest game out there. this young girl created a character. even gave us some of the attributes. that's the name of her character. called boomerang.
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look this is what my daughter created. it turns out that the guys liked that. in fact they took that idea and created the character. there you go. there's what you imagine. they spent the time to create and here -- >> our artists were so inspired by this that they created their own character. hope your daughter loves it. >> oh, she loves it. >> at least someone was inspired by the game. and the fact they could do something so cool is awesome. the faster you go. >> you need have more space between you and the other car because something bad could happen. >> why professor gail is correct. >> i thought we were in the clear. and a look at cuba's female boxing revolution. [ speaking foreign language ]
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we're going out in an hour...? fast. for allergy symptoms, allegra® is the fastest non-drowsy relief you can buy. allegra® gelcaps... not just fast. allegra® fast. there's so many different ways to pay tribute to the men and whom died serving our country but this video really speaks, i think, for everyone out there today. >> i was up at 2:30 this morning. i came home from vietnam today. 1968. >> this artist telling us a little bit about his story serving our country. >> the fact i came home is a miracle of its own. a lot of my friends didn't. those two guys didn't. peter armstrong, vincent. sometimes soldiers sit on a stack on my flat pile for a while because i want to draw them when they want to be drawn opinion >> he also talks about the portraits that he's drawn over the time that he's been doing
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this 4,500 portraits, as a matter of fact. he won't draw a portrait until he feels it's time. >> that's why i'm doing this now. >> on this day it's time to draw alvin. he said it's his way of giving back. >> when i came back from vietnam i felt i had this debt. didn't know what it was. trying to payback my friends. i sit here really for all these hours for nothing. other than the fab thct that th human being died for me and he didn't know me. >> he's still serving. that's the thing. >> he also tells us why he uses pencil. >> i'm writing a story. i may be doing a portrait but believe me when i tell you i'm writing a story. >> does he keep these pictures or scene them to families. >> michael is a important psychiatrist artist by career but for anybody who has a fallen service member in their family he'll do these pictures for
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free. these do go back to the family. >> oh, they are beautiful. so beautiful. >> usaa put it out on their youtube channel. if you want to see the entire day go to "right this minute" and click on tv show or use your mobil app. stop and get this. the faster you go, you need to have more space between you and the other car because something bad can happen like happened to this guy driving a subaru with a dash cam. he's riding a little close. the pilot driver doesn't like it. >> oh, brake checking. >> granted the guy is tailgating. he shouldn't. if you're going slow move over to the right. don't start something. designee comes close to the guy. he brakes check and that car swerves. i thought we were in the clear. no. because that guy brake checked him again he swerves into the right lane then swerves back
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over and hits the median. the guy got brake checked one, get the message, back off a little bit you were tailgating. why get back up. everyone is agitating each other. >> the good thing is he walked away without a scratch. i can't say the same thing about his car. some accidents, however can't be avoided like this one in australia. a high-profile van going through a roundabout. the ground is wet. this driver is going slowly because in high-profile vehicle you can take that too fast. once she comes out of the roundabout the road gets slippery when wet. big white toaster on the side. >> a bit too much. the rear wheel drive fishtails. that rolled. >> the driver with the dash cam backs up and you can see the door open. >> that does look a lot more
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stable on its side than on the wheels. olivia has been fighting against stereotypes her entire life. the u.s. relations with cuba as swelled on this tiny island nation. all sort of stories are coming out of there. [ speaking foreign language ] >> now you don't need to know anything about sports when it comes to olympics cuba is one of the powerhouses in boxing. however, women are still banned from boxing. let's start with this video. she draws the negativity. >> it's about to protect their beautiful face. women are seen to be as beautiful flowers, are not tough enough. if you watch this video it's like coming out of a "rocky"
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montage. you can almost smell cuba in this video. >> come on, comrades i thought in communism everybody was equal. >> i got killed watching this video. this chick is bad. >> she is bad. this was directed and put up on video. it sucked me in. sovy brant. it's just an awesome video. >> look at it this way if you're her opponent you better be prime minister paired. >> that's way she thinks about it. she talks about her dream. [ speaking foreign language ] >> we will remember your name,
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chimney. >> chimney best left to santa. this is johnny. he's with wildlife aid in the uk because this woman has a pigeon in the chimney. this bird needs a little help. that poor creature. >> this is their favorite kind of rescue because it is a catch it before it runs away and release. >> and he poses for the camera. this next video shows this bird really needs to fly off. but doesn't quite get it. this video comes to us from a family that say that this bird is the dumbest bird in the neighborhood. >> they point out that the scat a natural predator. >> i don't know if the bird is as dumb as you think. the bird done move and neighbor cat just won't be interested,
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right? >> the cat is always going to be interested in that bird. but i like how the bird taps him on the back and says this is the part where you're supposed to run away. the bird flew away. oh, whatever. if you follow me on social media you know i love my hats and that's why i'm so excited about this summer hat by our very own jessica ward. she's obviously connecting with her inner michael jackson. today we'll two three summer hats inspired by three different blogs and the first one she's taking it from being a regular blossom hat to more thereaftof flamingo style hat. if you have a girl's trip coming up and have matching t-shirts or bridesmaid or bride you can do something like that with hats that personalized. >> you may take the strings off. look you have your sale of new
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hat. i'll model it four. stay tune. >> this next one everybody has that straw looking hat. just put polka dots on it. >> my grandparents wore these in church and paid a pretty change for that. >> look how much cuter it was than before. >> another summer hat. >> this next one is my favorite. she takes some cool fabric and cuts out a circle the brim of the hat. check that out. >> like icing on a doughnut. >> then she does this. >> the devil is in the details on that one for sure. >> i love this. >> i would never have thought about this. it makes so much sense. >> did you use the hot gun zblu. >> no transfer paper.
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>> i like it. i mean the possibilities are endless. go the fabric store and get all kinds of fabric, all kinds of trends. so much stuff you can do. >> you love them. you guys want to get one? go to "right this minute" and click on tv show. incutey hasn't quite mastered the hula-hoop hip movement. >> why using his head doesn't pay off in ♪ hey!
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this can keep your beans. >> it will save you a lot of time on starting a fire. unexpected. >> hula-hooping requires technique, skill and you have to
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have a whole lot of style. these kids have all three. well wait maybe not technique. >> when i say -- no, no, no. hold up. >> never mind this is the show. >> dad is holding the hula-hoop but on my couldn't wiggle your hips. >> in the background you hear mom do it, baby. >> she moves. >> she definitely has got moves. these videos are going virtually. people find this hilarious and can relate. about that you had la hoop. this little boy has figured it out. it's keeping it up that's a problem. >> that's how i do it. >> you see he swings. three goat rolls. he's swinging the wrong thing opinion he's swinging his head
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not his hips. he has work to do with that you had la hoop. if you like great videos you came to the right place. we'll have policemen more on the next "right this minute".
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[captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] harvey: welcome to "tmz live" 6. harvey levin here. charles: charles here. harvey: so chris brown targeted by his neighbors for riding recklessly on a -- charles: no, no, targeted by his neighbors because he's young, he's rich, and he's black. harvey: that's what he says. the neighbors are saying he is a reckless threat to the neighborhood. the heat is on chris brown. he has pissed off -- basically calling racism on his neighbors, now neighbors who have videotaped him riding at a pretty high clip in his neighborhood on an a.t.v. charles: a video a neighbor took of chris tooling out the


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